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Flash Class builder (Flclb)

This helper page generates code to make building classes easier. It is designed to generate the correct code for properties of the class, including the best practice of private variables accessed through a public interface and the assigning of default values in the class constructor. It also generates a method for checking the version number of the class and a method for validating arguments to methods (designed to be used in conjunction with method maker).

Programmed by Pete King, 22/1/2007.

Class Name

Class Description


Variable names (Pipe seperated)

Variable types (Pipe seperated)

This class references custom classes in its property types?

This class will use the CDebugTracer for writing comments?

This class uses non standard naming conventions (e.g. is a structural wrapper for XML data casting)?

Variable defaults (Pipe seperated)

(V1.6.4) In class validation now moved to CFunky.
(V1.5.4) Functions can now log their return values if the new bInternalTracing property is set to true.
(V1.4.4) Validate arguments now treats type object as a special case, allowing any value to be pushed into this EXCEPT undefined.
(V1.4.3) Requirements now added to description, please remember to fill this in!
(V1.3.3) _ValidateArguments now lists the argument names and types for the function when the wrong number are given, not just the correct number. Bounds checking on this web form is also now implemented. Function prefix type was also added to the database.
(V1.2.2) _ThrowError fix to remove transparant background which was making error messages hard to read.
(V1.2.1) _ThrowError fixed so it stops the frame header, certain circumstances flash would continue anyway.
(V1.2.0) GetVersion method inserted into the class to return the version number at run time.
(V1.1.0) Now supports displaying the error messages from validate arguments on the stage when not run from the flash IDE.